Village Green Renewal

Village Green Renewal

Brookline Village, like other parts of Brookline, has a distinct personality. Whereas Coolidge Corner is the retail hub, The Village has a much calmer vibe. For me, the difference is urban versus, well, village!

There are many unique and wonderful shops in The Village – one of my current favorites is Village Green Renewal. Tucked just off Washington Street on Davis Ave, Village Green Renewal embodies Brookline’s love of both past and future. Reduce, reuse, recycle – if you want to find or fix an old hinge or door lock rather than trash and replace it, this is the place to go. Village Green Renewal can repair just about anything – from armoires to light fixtures.

Last year the skilled and dedicated owner, Seth Barrett, carefully mended the broken leg on my great-grandmother’s china doll; said leg had been broken for many years. It is a joy to look at her now, no longer an amputee. Village Green Renewal also offers in-home handyman services.

From fixing loose towel rods to hanging shelves and shades, they can help with household projects big and small. So don’t throw it away – bring it to Village Green Renewal and let them make it all better for you!

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