Boston School of Boabom

As much as Brookline likes to distinguish itself from Boston, we are privileged to be the current home of Boston School of Boabom, the first US School dedicated to Boabom.  Boabom is a unique art of movement & meditation.  First practiced in ancient Tibet, Boabom focuses on relaxation, meditation, breathing, and defense.
Boabom is a non-competitive, non-contact defensive art with two basic forms:
  • gentle Boabom (Seamm-Jasani) is a combination of relaxation and active movements and breathing
  • Boabom (Osseous Boabom) develops fast reactions, speed, agility, balance, concentration, and self-control
Boabom is a great alternative if yoga and/or Pilates aren’t doing it for you anymore.  The classes are taught in a progressive manner, and free intro classes are offered every week.  The teachers and students are welcoming and genuinely interested and supportive.
Located on Harvard Street, above Brookline Lock.
Try a free intro class and see what you think!

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